Roblox Parental Controls – How to Enable & Use (2024)

Roblox Parental Controls: Roblox has been a significant hit with kids worldwide, even though it is an odd and often confusing game for parents, at least.

Numerous Roblox rumors, scary fake stories, and incorrect advice abound on social media and even in the newspapers that demonize gambling. However, children can play safely and in a fun way with little supervision and understanding.

That’s why we’ve created a quick guide to help you understand what makes Roblox so popular and to make sure your kids aren’t at risk for nasty surprises.

Roblox Parental Controls

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online game in which most of the content is made by “amateur” game creators. The gamers use simple tools to create and publish these games to the community, meaning that they can try out ideas that wouldn’t be funded for a commercial release.

This game can then be used by children worldwide, often online, through a phone or tablet app, or a web browser.

This was constantly evolving, and expanding library of games is a big part of Roblox’s popularity. Combine that with the millions of other players to take on challenges, and you have the perfect recipe for young people to enjoy.

As with any online game, however, there are certain dangers that we will discuss now.

Roblox Age Ratings

Because Roblox content is user-generated, it does not fall under the same strict age rating as content created by commercial companies. Roblox is rated PEGI 7 in the United Kingdom, with rating details explicitly stating that there is no blood.

The VSC, which manages the legally binding PEGI ratings, states that the rating only covers the base system and some sample games. The same is true in other jurisdictions, with the ESRB taking a similar approach in the United States.

Roblox itself filters and checks games that are created for both inappropriate images and profanity. However, games that may have horror, murder, or gore themes are still allowed.

The best arrangement is to indicate the Account Restrictions setting in the connected Roblox account. This helps in limiting the playable games to those selected by Roblox itself. Note that setting a child’s age under 13 does not limit the fun they can access.

Roblox Parental Controls

Additionally, other roblox parental controls can be utilized in the game to guarantee Roblox is more secure for youthful players.

Firstly, you must enter the correct date of birth on behalf of your child. This will trigger the appropriate secure conversation with a higher level of filtering. Plus, it means you’ll get a separate parental login so you can check your kid’s interactions.

You should limit games to those hosted by Roblox staff as follows:

  • Log in to
  • After that, click on the gear icon located at the top right
  • Select Settings then Security.
  • Activate the Account restrictions slider

Roblox Online Interactions

Being an online game implies that Roblox players can interface and speak with one another unexpectedly. This can be by voice or by writing once the friend requests have been made.

It’s easy to limit these interactions to your account settings:

  • Log in to
  • After that, click on the gear icon located on the top right corner
  • Select Settings then Privacy
  • Limit interactions through content settings and other settings

Conclusion: Roblox games reflect the type of imaginative play that you often encounter in the playground. One child has an idea for a game to play, others join them, and the rules slowly change as the group decides to have fun together. The creators of Roblox can quickly update and adjust their games to meet the demands of the large gaming community.

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